Monday, March 22, 2010

DC Does TX Spotlight - Typefighter

The DC Does TX email account has already received one question as to which band played the space that Title Tracks was set to inhabit. (Title Tracks had an emergency and had to leave the festival two days early. We still love them.) The band that stepped up to the plate was Typefighter and even though the show is over, they deserve a spotlight mention as well. Lead singer Ryan McLaughlin is actually a DC Does TX veteran, having played bass in the inaugural show with indie stalwarts Pash, but Typefighter has more in common with the Federal Reserve than Pash's Slumberland sound. The upbeat folky tunes are anchored with fantastic keyboard and melodica of Mary Voutsas for a sound that's delightful regardless of your genre preferences.

AON Sessions: Ryan McLaughlin (Typefighter), "Foolish Bastards" from All Our Noise on Vimeo.

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